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Free Palestine Oversize Snow-wash Hoodie

Free Palestine Oversize Snow-wash Hoodie

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Adorned in an oversized hoodie that proudly bears the powerful message "Free Palestine" in bold Arabic script, this garment transcends the realm of fashion to become a symbol of unwavering solidarity and impassioned advocacy. As a beacon of hope for the Palestinian cause, the hoodie encapsulates the fervent desire for justice, peace, and freedom in the face of longstanding challenges.

The significance of the expression "Free Palestine" extends beyond its linguistic appeal. It serves as a rallying cry for a people who have endured a complex history of struggle, resilience, and aspirations for self-determination. Each letter is not merely an arrangement of characters but a testament to the collective strength and unity of those who seek a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian predicament.

In a nod to the national identity and pride, the hoodie mirrors the vibrant hues of the Palestinian flag with its distinct shades of green, red, and white. The deep green embodies the rich landscapes and agricultural heritage, the striking red symbolizes the sacrifices and resilience of the people, and the pure white signifies the yearning for peace and justice.

Wearing this oversized hoodie is a deliberate act of advocacy, a conscious choice to stand in solidarity with a cause that transcends borders. It is a bold declaration against injustice, a visual representation of the hope that one day, the aspirations encapsulated in those words will become a reality for the Palestinian people.

Crafted from 100% combed cotton, this laid-back silhouette features a wind-resistant snap collar adorned with a matt metal button. The faded fabric detailed with a distressed finish makes it the perfect choice for an effortless, cool street look.

  • Snap button collar
  • Drop shoulders
  • Ribbed and distressed cuffs and hem
  • Wahsed effect
  • Loose fit
  • 100% cotton

Wash on the reverse side with neutral detergents. Do not soak, expose to the sun, and bleach. Iron, steam, or tumble dry at low temperature(max 30℃ or 90℉). Slight floating color may occur during initial washing. It is recommended to wash with clothes of similar color.

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